About the 19th and 20th May comps:
They finally decided to cancelled me as a judge on dirt jump comp, they probably "afraid" that my judgment might be biased since I'm a member of IBSO . That's cool with me!! I wouldn't want any hassled come from them anyway... So the judges will be Yopie, Nicko and Mr. Sondi himself. Be good to them, some "ass kissing" probably required to win the comps. Just kidding guys!!

About this Saturday's session:
It was cool!! The weather's fine, and the crowds are as cool as it can be. We focused our training to those rhythm section the whole day and in the end of the day, a sicko named Eca did a Superman attempt for few times, he pulled it the first try, but on the second and third he failed. Be brave young Jedi!! All that you need is ride harder!! As usual, I was suck on everything. I probably need to consider a "less" extreme sport, a lousy game of chess comes to my mind. Probably not!!!

About this Sunday's session:
Maybe we all kinda tired after rippin' off the trails on Saturday.. I even fell on those cheesy table top on my third jump. Somehow, Mr. Didi was having fun all day with his full "camouflage" outfit!! He even manage to do a one footer no hander in the end of the day. Eca (the sicko guy) practiced  his Superman again.. But I guess he's not as lucky as yesterday so he finally decided to practiced his Barspin. Since Tora pulled a clean barspin once, Eca felt a little intimidated.. I know you've got a reputation to keep, man!!

Added information:
I just cut my bars to 23" this night, I hope I'm not going to regret it. Damn, those bars seems too short!!