The tricks on this page are divided based on their difficulties levels, I have to tell you that I'm not responsible for any injuries or damages. Although most of the tricks mentioned below are do-able, that does not mean that I could do all of those tricks myself. I'm suck!!

OK, here are the categories:


Its pretty hard getting started with Dirt Jumping. After you have got the basic jumping under control why not try a few of these.


ONE HANDER - Jump and then take one hand off the bars. Then put it back on before you land and ride away. 

NO FOOTER - In the air take both feet off this time. Spread your legs as far as you can. See those ballet lessons you used to do now come in handy.

NO HANDER - Pinch your seat and take both hands off your bars.  Then put them back on and ride away clean.

WHEELY TURN DOWN - Make a wheely position and do a downward X-UP.

X-UP - Simple. Just turn your bars 180 degrees then turn them back, land and ride away.

ONE FOOTER - Jump, take a foot off, put your foot back on and ride away.

FLATTY (or TABLETOP) - Again, fairly simple. Get some air and lay the bike flat in the air (on its side so it is horizontal with the ground), and bring it back up for a landing.

NOTHING - First you have to be able to do no footers and no handers. Next you gotta get enough air to do a trick off a jump. Then all you gotta do while your in the air is do the no hander then the no footer to make it a nothing. Next grab
your handle bars and put your feet back on. Finally land and ride away!

ONE FOOTER TABLETOP - do a tabletop, if you table to the right take off your left foot or vice-versa

E.T - Just like in the movie. You don't need that big of a jump. Get some speed and go off of the jump and pedal in the air.

KICK OUT - Another easy one. Catch a little air, and push your favorite side of the bike out and bring it back.

ONE HANDER LANDER - land with one hand.

MANUAL - Pull up your front wheel up and dont pedel. And the just go over the jump. Then ride away.

DEAD SALIOR - (this is a real trick) You don't much air or speed at all to do this. Go off the jump and stiffen both your arms and legs. Thats all. This trick is so easy its stupid. You will probably do it the first time you try.

SIT - DOWN - to do a sit-down you need some air and at the top of your jump pull your bike up so you sit down and then land. its good to do if you think you need more air to clear a jump.

ONE FOOTED LANDING - Simply do a one-footer and land with that foot off.



These tricks are for intermediate skills. Most of them are still hard however.


BAR SPIN - Get a decent size jump that will let you have a bit of time to pull this trick. Get some good air, and then hold your bike with your knees to stop the front end dipping. Spin those bars. Grab them again and land and ride away. Try practicing on the ground first to get you used to the spin action.

CAN CAN - Simply take your favorite leg and when in the air put it over the top tube so both of your legs are on one side of the bike. Put it back where it belongs, land and ride away.

NO FOOT CAN CAN - Again, big air, then like a no footer but then take one of your feet and put it over the top tube so both feet and legs are on one side and then get if back over again. Land, don't crash, ride away.

ONE FOOT X-UP - Now this time when you do your x-up, kick your foot (and leg) kind of backwards but from the side, then land with both feet on and ride away.

SUICIDE NO HANDER - Again some good air time, and pinch the seat, and put your hands and arms to the side and back, like you are Jesus on the cross. The further back your arms the cooler you are. Get them back on the bars and land.

SUICIDE BARSPIN - Do a suicide no hander and spin the bars at the same time remember to pinch the seat..

SEATGRAB NOTHING - Above but with a seat grab.

KAMIKAZE - for this trick you need a lot of air and I mean A LOT of air. When you leave the lip of the jump lean forward over the bars and spread your arms out. Simple!

STRETCHED DOUBLE SEAT GRAB DIP - Get some speed, and a pretty good sized jump. When your in the air throw your bike forward like a double seat grab, but keep your feet on the pedals. Then kinda lean your arms forward. Then pull your bike back under you and land.

SEAT GRAB X-UP -  When you are leaving the lip start taking your hand back towards your seat, while your are doing this turn you bars. By the time you grab the seat your bars should be Xed up. You can make it look cooler if you stretch back. Get back over your bike but while you are doing that put your backs back to their proper position.

DOUBLE SEAT GRAB - just lean back pinch the seat grab it with both hands hold it for a while. Put hands back on bars,  land and ride away.

360 - Umm..yeah. Just start the trick early.

EWING - do a no footer and while in the air click your heels or if you cant get your heels your knees on the end oh your handle bars.

MADAFA - u go into the air, throw your bike towards yourself and do a nothing.

KICK OUT BAR TURN AROUND -  Do a kick out, trying to turn as close to 90 degrees as you can. Turn your bars 90 so you are in an x up position. now kick back to your original position. Now simply let go of the bars and flip them the rest of the way around. (so over the entire trick you complete a bar spin.)


If you are busting these trick you should think about going pro if you are not already. Regardless, doesn't hurt to know what the tricks actually are when you are lying to your friends about what you can do now does it? ;)


FRONT-FLIP - Simple, just take a lot of speed and air on a realy big jump and put the front brake at the end of the kick. At the begin you must be land on manuel and eat dirt

SUPERMAN - Ok, when you get some height off the jump, take both feet off the pedals, and then let them fly out the back of you, yes; like superman. Just get your bike back under you and your feet on the pedals before you land, unless you want to open up your bean bag.

SUPERMAN SEAT GRAB - Same as a superman but take one hand off and grab the seat.

SUPERMAN SEAT GRAB BAR SPIN - Yeah it can't be much harder???

BACK FLIP - Just go to the lip with some speed and start the trick on the lip. You should be a fair way back before you have even left the jump. Practice (on a tramp, lake etc) these before you try them...I would suggest.

TAIL WHIP - Take all parts of you body but your hands off the bike and kick the frame around to make a full 360.

ONE HANDED TAIL WHIP - First you should learn tail whips and one handers then once your bustin those like a mofo do a tail whip and take your hand off until you get yer bike back around and jump on.

CANDY BAR - Take one foot and kick it through you arms while still holding on to the handlebars. Take my word for it you don't get you leg back in, in time you will suffer.

A DISCO: Take your left hand and extend it so that you are making a fist (like you just won a wrestling match) then put you right leg out straight. Thats a disco.

TOBOGGAN - A cool looking trick when done with some style. In the air turn the bars 90 degrees and lean back off the back of your bike white holding onto your seat.

HEELCLICKER -   Do the jump, when in the air take your feet off the pedals  swing your legs outside your arms and click your heels in front of your handlebars while
holding on.

TRUCK DRIVER - A bit harder. As you are doing a 360 do a bar spin. Remember to pinch that seat with your knees. Very hard.

DOUBLE TRUCK DRIVER - Could that be 2 bar spins?

BACKFLIP BARSPIN - get yourself a huge jump do slow backflip, pinch the seat, and spin your bars one, two times, as many as you like, or can! practice this trick on a tramp or into water

RECLINER - get a big jump. when in mid-air sit on your seat, lay back, bring your feat up to your handlebars and lock onto your grips. finally, lean your head back as far as you can!

CERAN WRAP - You go real fast hit the jump then take your left foot (if right handed) and take your right hand off  the bars and put your leg under it then put your hand back on 2 the bike now let go with your left hand and do the same thing. Land and ride away ! ! ! ! !

BAR HOP: when u take both feet of your pedals and put them both over the bar and then bring them both back over and put them both on the pedals again and the land.

INDIAN AIR:  get a lot of air and take both feet of your pedals and do a can-can with one foot and the other foot u do a nac-nac and then u put them both back on the pedals and land.

CORDOVA -  alright, what you do is get a lot of speed and air, ride off the jump, and then put your feet on the handle bars with your hands still holding on, and then you arch your back as far as you can. It looks incredible and anyone who can pull this bad boy off is incredible too.

360 TAIL WHIP -  when u go off the lip start your 360 and when u get to a 180 start your tailwhip and that way you get more push on your tail and it saves you time.

HEART ATTACK- get some mass air then in the air do a superman seat grab but in the middle of the trick sort of handstand on the bars and seat, (this is a moto x man Carey Hart Signature move.

DECADE AIR -  this is where you get a lot of air and speed when you go off the lip you take your feet of the pedals and turn yourself around the bike holding handle bars still turn 360 degrees and getting your feet back on the pedals.this is a really hard trick cuz you have to turn your body and not your bike.